About us

Our mission is to share the good news of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with you, and with the world. We tell the story of His life, miracles, and teachings for the benefit of all. You can browse our prayers and blessings to find hope and strength in times of discouragement. Through this work, we hope to be a beacon for those searching for answers.

Along with our main focus on the life and return of Jesus, we will also address many other topics concerning Christians today. We will reveal evidence for the truth of the Bible and for the existence of God. We will give accounts of those who have recently come to Jesus, as well as of those who have been persecuted for their faith around the globe. We will look at how Christianity compares to the world’s other major religions. And that’s not all!

On this site, you will find a few specific articles that reflect the core of our message. Let’s take a quick look at each of them to give you a sense of what we believe. We’ll cover The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Prayers and Blessings in the Bible, and Pictures of Jesus – a violation of the Second Commandment.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

This article addresses questions about the second coming, which is a source of much confusion for Christians today. Many want to know: Is Jesus coming back soon? When exactly will it happen? What happens after the Rapture?

There are many answers available from many different sources. Most of them are simply speculation, while some give a loose interpretation of biblical teachings. Instead, we look at what the Bible actually says about this hot topic. You’ll learn about the prophecies, events, and timelines that help us to better understand.

Prayers and Blessings in the Bible

Effective prayer is an essential pillar of the Christian faith, but it can be hard to find the right words. We might wonder: Whom should I pray to? What should I pray for? Is there a right way to pray?

Again, there are many answers to questions on prayer from a variety of sources. Volumes have been written both online and in books about how to pray. We approach prayer based on the model given by Jesus called the Our Father Prayer. You’ll learn about what prayer is and what it isn’t. We’ll review what Jesus says about prayer in the Bible and talk about a few specific types of prayer that are appropriate for different situations.

Pictures of Jesus – a violation of the Second Commandment

Pictures of Jesus are commonplace in the world today. They show Jesus with a wide range of hair colors, eye colors, and skin tones. Often, these are chosen in order to reflect an idea of beauty or normality in the region where the image was produced. But what did Jesus really look like?

In reality, no one knows for sure. There are no historically credited drawings or illustrations. We should, however, ask ourselves why we are so interested in these likenesses of God’s Son. Could they be getting in the way of true worship? You’ll learn more about the history of pictures of Jesus, and we’ll explore the proper conclusion to the search for His face.