The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

second coming of jesus

How the Rapture and the End-time Prophecies will set the stage for the Second Coming There is a lot of confusion these days about the second coming. What exactly is it? When will Jesus return? Is Jesus coming soon? Will … Continue reading →

Pictures of Jesus – a violation of the Second Commandment


Images of Jesus Christ and the heart of idolatry – What the Bible really says If we were to generate a Google search for “pics of Jesus”, what would we see? We would be looking at images of man who … Continue reading →

Day of Pentecost and its Significance for Christians Today

day of pentecost

Day of Pentecost literally means “fiftieth day”; the word itself comes from the Greek language. Pentecost Sunday is celebrated annually by Christians across the world in memory of the day the Holy Spirit came upon the first century church. That … Continue reading →

How do you define rapture? – Rapture in the bible and the signs of the rapture

define rapture

The Rapture in the Bible is the event in which believers, both living and dead, will be caught up with the Lord Jesus in the air at the same time and enter, with glorified bodies, into eternity. For the Lord … Continue reading →